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Use this number is you are uncertain to whom your question should be addressed. 205-345-0505


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315 28th Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Accounting & Credit

Financial Analyst    Cody Dockery    205-722-0103
Senior GL Accountant    Carolyn Durel    205-722-0102
Accounting Clerk    Katherine Hilbish    205-722-0106
Accounting Specialist    Doris Plowman    205-722-0111


HumanResources/Administrative Assistant    Carla Gillespie    205-722-0116
General Manager    Bobby Rice    205-722-0170


Advertising Inquiries        205-345-0505, ext. 4
Legal Advertising       205-722-0155
Obituaries       205-345-0505, ext. 3
Digital Sales Manager    Charlie Callari    205-722-0147
Classified Advertising Manager    NaTa'sha Black    205-722-0154
Multimedia Sales Executive    Paige Davis    205-722-0167
Major Accounts Manager    Jennifer Greathouse    205-722-0164
Classified Account Executive    yaisa Jones    205-722-0171
Classified Account Executive    Frances Myrick    205-722-0152
Multimedia Sales Executive    Cary Shattuck    205-722-0176
Digital Sales Specialist    John Wells    205-722-0166
Legals Clerk    Maria Wince    205-722-0155


Customer Service        205-752-3701 or 800-888-8639
District Sales Manager    Michelle Boswell    205-722-0136
District Sales Manager    John Finney    205-722-0126
Customer Service Manager    Delicia Poole    205-722-0128
District Sales Manager    Kevin Rightmeyer    205-722-0122
Zone Manager    Pete Smith    205-722-0130


Switchboard          205-345-0505    
Production Manager    Stephen Fowler    205-722-0254
Packaging Manager    Isiah Houston    205-722-0260
Commercial Print Coordinator    Lee Foley    205-722-0299
Pressroom Manager    Curtis King    205-722-0253
Regional ITS Director    Chuck Landry    205-722-0266


Chief Photographer    GaryCosby    205-722-0234
Reporter - Higher Education    Ed Enoch    205-722-0209
Reporter - Arts/Entertainment    Mark Hughes Cobb    205-722-0201
Sports Editor    Cecil Hurt    205-722-0225
Executive Editor    Michael James    205-722-0205
Reporter - Tuscaloosa City Govt.    Jason Morton    205-722-0200
City Editor    Ken Roberts    205-722-0211
Chief Multimedia Copy Editor    Amy Robinson    205-722-0220
Content Coordinator    Peggy Skelton Johnson    205-722-0199
Executive Sports Editor    Edwin Stanton    205-722-0226
Reporter - K-12 Education    Drew Taylor    205-722-0204
Reporter - Public Safety/Courts    Stephanie Taylor    205-722-0210
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